“Trudy provided exactly the kind of nurturing, enriching home environment that we wanted for our children, if we couldn’t be home with them ourselves. She uses her background and education in early childhood development to create an atmosphere that promotes healthy social interactions and learning through play. Every day we would get a report, and often pictures or art projects that offered us a window into our children’s day. (Even as babies.)  We couldn’t have asked for a safer, and more caring, daycare experience."

-Toni  Rosenquist

Artful Start  childcare, training & consulting

“Exploring, creativity, learning and fun! My girls enjoyed splashing in puddles, walks to the park, learning American Sign Language, story time, arts and crafts, fun games and a provider who truly loves what she does, and loves taking care of children. My girls always left happy and excited to return the next day. Trudy is a wonderful caregiver who truly loves what she does. We feel so fortunate for having been at her home and still continue to see her 10 years later."

-The Hatch Family

“Both my children were in Trudy’s care in her home.  I was extremely impressed in their learning curve due to the relationships and education she provided them. Trudy had an instant rapport with all children. As she took in children of different ages, it allowed Delaney and Ethan to learn to mix in a healthy and appropriate way with younger and older kids, and that would not have happened in a traditional daycare. They had learned an accepting and questioning attitude, which kept them in good stead throughout their future education.

Not only does Trudy care about her charge’s education and personal development, she is an exceptionally kind person, which was evident, both in her interactions with my children, and how she taught all the children. I am forever grateful for the exceptional start that she gave my children; she is an excellent teacher, caregiver, and compassionate person.” 

“My children were with Trudy for over 13 years; she was always engaged with them, was very organized and had all their activities planned the day before. She was very nurturing,  and provided very personalized care. My children are now grown, but will never forget the wonderful memories with Trudy. She was such a wonderful caregiver, I couldn’t have ever found anyone I trusted more with my children.”                                                                                    

-Kimra Davis