Artful Start's philosophy is derived from a blend of the works of early childhood theorists including Maria Montessori, Magda Gerber, Loris Malaguzzi, and Lev Vygotsky. Additional inspiration is drawn from Leonard Bernstein's model of Artful Learning.

Core Values 

  1. Honor and respect the innate wisdom and creativity in every child
  2. Nurturing care received in the first 3 years  of life helps to build a strong sense of self and social-emotional skills
  3. Understanding and incorporating the cultural values of each child is essential to the Artful Start community.
  4. Infants are invited to be active participants rather than passive recipients in caregiving routines; each is an opportunity for 1:1 connection between caregiver and child
  5. Sensory activities and experiences with nature are an integral part of children's cognitive construct of the world. 
  6. Early literacy and early numeracy skills are a natural result of the stories, songs, art, and playful experiences we have throughout the day.

Our Mission

To partner with families in nurturing the creative spirit in each child while developing essential early life skills.

About Artful Start

Artful Start  childcare, training & consulting

Meet Trudy

Hi there! As someone with over three decades of experience in early childhood, I am thrilled to be able to use my experience and expertise to help your child, family, and/or business. I started my first child care business after the birth of my first child in 1983, and since then have served at the management levels of various child care programs including Nike, Sequent/IBM, and La Petite.  I earned my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education at Portland State University (PSU). I also have the privilege of teaching early learning at PSU and other colleges  in Oregon. When I'm not with babies and toddlers, I enjoy going to Zumba class, visiting my two sons out of state, and watching basketball with my husband, Ollie.